Navigating uncertainty is not easy and sometimes even rather uncomfortable.

And we are right in it!

Unplanned issues and new surprises may also be just around the corner.

We are called to design a system that will prevent more fires to come and help us manage future ones that might develop. 

Sonia Di Maulo and Genevieve Emond created a 3-part series for Concordia at Home to present a systems approach for helping students, teachers, and the educational system to increase resilience.

Even though each event is focused on one group, all educational members are invited to participate in all sessions.

Reflect, Align, Grow: Ground Yourself and Reinvent (for students) 

Move, Reflect, Align: Ground Yourself and Refresh your Teaching (for faculty)

Learn, Teach, Grow: Reinvent the Educational Environment (for all)

Join us. 

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